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logistics management
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spend analysis
knowledge management
proposal lifecycle management

Coal policy in India

Understand India's coal and import policy framework through these articles

KISPL Application To CERC

For Inter-State Trading Licence Download file

Mine to plant solution for coal import

KIS provides hard-to-beat advantages in service offering

demand planning   logistics management   spend analysis


KISPL has been promoted by professionals who have intimate knowledge of coal market. They had pioneered the import of coal in to India . KISPL has developed strong relations with all the stakeholders across the logistic chain giving it a unique edge in addressing clients requirement of timely supplies with competitive pricing.

   Stringent quality control in close association with internally recogonised inspection agencies coupled with close monitoring by its own staff has ensured that client's requirements is consistently met. KISPL’s presence across the full spectrum of the logistic chain gives its good control on price­—delivery environment.

   KISPL’s long term plans include acquiring working interest in coal mines overseas, establishing coal receiving and stocking stations both in the East and West Coast and providing comprehensive fuel management solutions.

Collaborators and Friends

KISPL has at different stages collaborated with companies rio tinto, glencore, bulk trading, noble, p t adaro coal and many coal mines to name a few.
   KISPL, as direct result of handling large quantities of coal, has developed strong relationship with shipping lines and can provide long term chartering advice/ services. KISPL has also strong relationships with handling agents and has developed dedicated teams at various ports making it possible to handle multiple consignments at different locations efficiently. In the recent past KISPL has the distinction of achieving highest ever discharge rates in Mumbai ports.
   KISPL works closely with railways and fleet owners to ensure early allocation of carriage for dispatch and has dedicated team to monitor the in-land movement and ensure timely and safe deliveries


Notice for Power Trading Licence from CERC


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McCloskey Indian Coal Markets Conference 2009 - New Delhi India

SEPTEMBER   09,  2009

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McCloskey Asia Pacific Outlook Conference 2009 - Bali

DECEMBER   01,  2009

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